Modern Kantha collection



A textile collection consisting of embroidered cushions and throws comissioned by London-based brand Tiipoi and designed as studio witek golik

I got a chance to spend few days down in the embroidery factory in Bangalore at the first stage of the process where we worked together on developing embroidered tests created by us before. Through this we were able to create the collection along with the producer’s possibilities and limitations.

We took our inspiration from kantha - traditional indian textiles originating in East India emerging out of the simple hand-embroidery that was used to piece together old pieces of fabric and saris to create layered cushions and quilts. The classic kantha pattern consists of repetitive rows of running stitch that covers the entire surface of a fabric, quilting it to its base layer.

The result is a collection consisting of two throws: a single and a double and four cushions. Simple dashes in different colors coming from two directions sometimes meet each other creating crosses. This creates a vibrant yet elegant surface with a modern look. The collection is made from high quality soft cotton sateen embroidered in India.