TOUCH THAT TASTE! is an attempt to translate smell an taste of food into touch and vision to create an experimental collection of textile objects.

The collection consists of:

UMAMI carpetmeant for exploring its different structures and textures with bare feet. Combines technical felt, tufted woolen yarn and rubber part;

SWEET poufslowly coming down while seated creating feeling of sinking in. Made of memory foam and quilted memory foam upholstery;

SALTY space dividerinvites a user to interact with it by changing/adding/removing its layers. The room divider marks changeability and adaptability to different spaces. It combines woolen and polyester fabrics;

SOUR blanketcomes to live in movement creating a beautiful structure. It encourages to come into interaction with it. It is made of woolen fabric and liquid rubber;

BITTER slippersbeing soft and heavy at the same time making it hard to walk. Made of foam and felt. Each of the shoe weighs 2 kg.

photo: Andreas Omvik

Project TOUCH THAT TASTE started by a fascination of combining two worlds: textiles and food.

More specifically, food was categorized by the five main tastes: umami, sweet, salty, bitter and sour with an idea to design a collection of five interior related textile objects where each of the object is a translation of one taste.
In order to get data to work with a group of 10 people was undergone a synesthesia-inspired experiment where each of the person had to eat and smell representatives of five tastes and try to translate these experiences it into vision and touch. After analyzing outcome of the experiment data was collected and used for experimenting with materials and techniques and creating various textile samples which later on where used to make the final collection. You can read more about the process here.

The collection is focusing on combining different materials and techniques. Function and design of each of the objects is related to the analysis of the experiment with the group and research about food, senses and synesthesia.
TOUCH THAT TASTE collection comes to life by being used.

Collection TOUCH THAT TASTE! is telling a story about how abstract can be turned into tangible, about how an experience with food can be translated into a functional collection with a focus on experiencing the objects and creating a relation with it.